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Discussion on: How to never touch your mouse again 🐭

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Grant Eben

For me, the ergonomics of staying on the keyboard is a matter of health. My wrists and forearm (especially on my dominant arm) are prone to what might be described as repetitive strain injury. I find using a keyboard is less severe than a mouse.

Vimium is great. I've used a Vim plugin with IntelliJ for years and I just started using a Vim extension for VSCode. For development, I don't know if there's anything better than Vim shortcuts in a proper IDE.

Sometimes, it's a balance. I'll often use applications that are better suited to mouse interactions because there's no better alternative. A good example is git: I cannot stand looking at the green and red spaghetti of git diffs in a command line so I prefer to make the sacrifice and use the GitHub Desktop client instead.

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Olivier Guimbal Author

Just to mention a git GUI I like: Fork :)