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Discussion on: Why Tailwind? A long term user perspective

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I mean, use whatever suits you best, right?
I like your article. You're writing very differentiated and there's nothing wrong with your arguments.
What's bothering me is that frontend developers feel the urge to take a side for or against tailwind like it's some sort of religion. It's not! It's just a tool :)

I can see how tailwind can be a great utility for any style of app or website. It just depends on your team. If you decide to use it chances are, you might know its benefits and (probable) drawbacks.
If you don't like tailwind, don't use it. That's okay, too.
For myself, I'm not a great fan of it. I just enjoy a clean and DRY codebase with semantic class names (BEM or whatever). But, I have also used tailwind quite a bit to rapidly prototype UIs and really enjoyed the process. Eventually, I still might "convert" back to "traditional" class names but that's my personal decision.
My point is, just because people are taking a stand for or against something (especially if it's "just" about some nerdy developer tools) it's still possible to use the best from both worlds. If you can work with it, that's great! Whatever makes your day easier!

As for the argument that you won't learn vanilla css "the right way" if you use tailwind I just remember back to the good ol' jQuery days! Back then, jQuery was the evil js framework. If you used it as a beginner it would be harder to Lear "real" Javascript, they said. Well, what should I say, I used it heavily as a beginner and I don't feel like I didn't learn the Javascript basics. It was just a great entry into web dev back then even if I wouldn't dare to use it in a project today :)

There is no such thing as a "best" tool for something as that would be a highly subjective standpoint. Maybe, for you, it is the best around there. For others, there might be other alternatives.

Long story short: thank you for a great article about why you chose to use tailwind. This might help others to decide which tools to use.

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Florentin / 珞辰 Author

Thanks, I really appreciate your feedback.