Discussion on: Git - Command line vs GUIs

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Jason McCreary Author

You're extrapolating too far. The commands are indeed not the important part of Git, understanding how Git works is important. We're in perfect agreement.

This article suggests a GUI may abstract this and deprive someone just starting out with Git the chance to learn as much as they may from the command line.

There may be some availability bias here since you're already comfortable from Git. I also have a firm grasp on Git and use a GUI for some of the more visual aspects of Git (tree differences, code review, etc). Nothing wrong with that.

In the end, if the only way you know Git is by pressing some buttons in a GUI, then you don't really know Git. I encourage those to try and use the command line to drive their understanding of Git.

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Joe Phillips

I would be curious to see some evidence that implies people who use the command line understand git more than those who use GUI. I think this a bad assumption.