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Discussion on: Converting from Sublime Text to Emacs

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Elsa Gonsiorowski Author

Org-mode is a definite draw. Have you tried EVIL mode? Someday I want to attempt to learn Vi keybindings... but can’t give up org.

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Luke Inglis

I have tried Evil and mostly loved it. I used Vim/NeoVim for years then about a year and a half ago switched to Emacs and set up Evil immediately and never looked back.

I switched to Sublime for my coding work when I started a new job with a very large code base. I've found that Sublime works better for me in that context than Emacs. Perhaps I'll revisit Emacs again soon and try to make it smarter about big code bases with multiple repos.

I would definitely suggest at least giving Vi bindings a try at some point. I find modal editing and being able to (mostly) keep my hands on the keys a big plus. Evil is the way to go for Emacs and I would also suggest adding General.el in for managing keybindings. It's a general purpose (durr ;)) key binding package that is Evil-friendly out of the box but not limited to creating Evil bindings.

If you do find yourself back in Sublime the Neo​Vintageous package is the best Vim emulation available in my experience.