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Code is for developers as languages are for countries, there are zones were even speaking the same language, you will hardly understand one thing or two.

const a = true;
const b = true;

const something = a && b;

if (something) {
    const text = "Its because is well coded (???)";

Putting just a bit of effort you can communicate so why not do the same with coding?

const isWellCoded = true;
const didYouTakeYourTime = true;

const youCanReadThis = isWellCoded && didYouTakeYourTime;

if (youCanReadThis) {
    const whyCanYouReadThis = "Its because is well coded";

Once a teacher said to me,

Code must be written in a way that is easy to read. You should spend your effort in understanding what it does not in what is says.

If you are committed, after some practice you stop thinking on the quality because it comes out of your mind pre-formatted.

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