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Discussion on: Will using bootstrap in my projects make me a lazy web designer?

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Grant Ralls • Edited on

I think it's comparable to opting to use java instead of c++. There are times when you want to squeeze the best performance so reach for c++. If not and java will do the trick, why bother yourself with manual memory management? Have that foundational understanding of css and how bootstrap uses it then feel free to use bootstrap guilt free.

My only "functionality" gripe against bootstrap is that it clutters my HTML files with a million class names. I'd rather write my own classes in a way that keeps the logic of layout in the css files and not invading the HTML files. I also have respect for the amount of time bootstrap saves.

In terms of laziness I feel the main problem with bootstrap is a lot of people get started on it. Then the laziness comes from a refusal to learn the foundational css because "why would I need to when I know bootstrap?"

I believe we should start beginners on CSS. It's simple syntax makes it easy for beginners to understand then we don't have to find them in the bootstrap trap of know bootstrap but not css. If we as a community feel confident enough to present python as a beginners language then CSS shouldn't be a problem.

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Elijah Emmanuel Author

thank you alot.
i appreciate