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re: Goes to show that reading (and writing) documentation is indeed one of the most important skills a developer can learn. Thanks for sharing. Person...

That brings an interesting thought to the table. When I was thinking about what point I wanted to get across for this, I was thinking about efficiency. I did not think about learning styles. Now I feel it's more of a balance. Part way efficiency, part way what's best for your learning style, and choosing a resource that fits in the middle. Do you agree? (Thank you so much for your kind and thought provoking comment! I love conversations like this!)


No problem, my friend. I enjoy these kinds of conversations as well.

Yes, I definitely agree with that sentiment. This reminds me of why some education systems in the world are inefficient. The fact that everything is paced and standardized makes it really difficult for some students to keep up. Not everyone learns in the same way, thus self-paced and personalized learning is always the best move forward.

Unfortunately, we just don't have the luxury of time for that. At the end of the day, a school year is a school year. There are schedules and deadlines to be met just like in the "real world".

As programmers and lifetime devotees of learning, this issue becomes more relevant than ever. Just like students, we have to meet our own deadlines. It's either we learn efficiently (and fast) or effectively (but slow). We have to compromise between them to make the most out of our time. And that is the true dilemma.


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