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Discussion on: Minify, generate WebP and lazyload images in your Vue & Nuxt application

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Grant Smith


This looks great. I am either misunderstanding (highly likely), or I've made a mistake (even more likely). After implementation of the above, I no longer see images whilst on Dev. This will be because I have changed all my src attributes to data-src. Is this the expected behaviour?

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Alex Author

Hello! At first, are there any console errors or warnings? Did you implement webpack settings, so when you look into source code, you see correct path to images?

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Leon Buchner • Edited on

I have the same error.
I have no images anymore...

Image Code:
<img data-src="~/assets/chat-icon.svg" alt="" class="chat-icon mr-2 lazyload">

Error in Browser Console:
GET localhost:3000/~/assets/chat-icon.svg 404 (Not Found)

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getting a blank 1x1 image aswell