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Tanja Lichtensteiger
Tanja Lichtensteiger

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Hi, I'm Tanja Lichtensteiger

I have been coding since I was 8 years old and professionally for 17 years.

You can find me on Twitter as @grappleshark
You can find me on Github as @grappleshark

I work for Leeds Beckett University as a Software Development Team Leader. No, I don't have a degree - I have grit.

I live in Leeds, Yorkshire, UK. I used to live in Switzerland, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

I mostly program in PHP, Web, Oracle toolsets, Java, C# .NET.

I am currently learning more about Python.

In my free time I am currently building an Athlete Communication Platform for Yorkshire County Cricket Club.

Feel free to talk to me about Software Development, DevOps, Diversity in Tech, Data and any emerging technologies/cool stuff.

I am partial to pistachio ice cream.

Nice to meet you.

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