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In my country (Hungary) the prices are also very high. For example, last year I bought a 15 TB MBP base model on a discounted price, for 720.000 HUF. The normal price was 899.000 HUF which is ~ 3210$. I think this is way to much. Just for information: Hungarian average salary/month is around 320.000. Of course developers earn much better, but these prices are insane. The problem is that Apple changes $ to € in 1:1 rate, and then changes € to HUF in a very bad rate (for us). Also Hungarian tax is 27%(!). On the other hand apple products are still very good, so everybody has to decide, is it worth it? For me (as an iOS Developer) I have no choice, I have to use apple machines, but honestly I don’t have problems with them.

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