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Discussion on: Is 0kb of JavaScript in your Future?

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What's about hotwire where you can render all on the server, but also get the spa like feeling?

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Ryan Carniato Author

Hotwire does achieve the goal from a UX standpoint mostly. But a lot of this is coming from the perspective of DX. With most of these solutions (save maybe Astro) you build everything as a single app, single shared technology, single state model(most important), very similar to how SPAs are developed today. You basically write one congruent app.

Nothing wrong with Hotwire and it in a sense is a natural progression from techniques we've been using to ship partials since we've been able to AJAX. Although generally turbolinks(underlying tech) is big enough itself to bundle so I sort of view it like a framework since it is larger than Svelte or Preact. But it is sort of outside of this trend.

I see stuff like Hotwire almost complementary to any MPA architecture. Things like Astro/Marko would definitely consider leveraging the same approach. And in a sense React Server Components have a lot in common with Hotwire. I expect to see more similar things come in if library authors can figure out how to keep the DX seamless.