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Discussion on: Paid Developer tools you can´t live without?

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Giorgos Sarigiannidis • Edited on

I agree with that. It's the reason I tend to avoid frameworks like Bootstrap. Furthermore, if you need to build more complex custom layouts (e.g. out of a PSD), such frameworks might even end up being an obstacle rather than a help. A few years back I would use bootstrap or whatever framework for its grid layout, but today, with native CSS solutions like flexbox and grid, it seems to me that it's not worth it.

Actually, at some point, I used to use a CSS Grid framework because it was implementing flexbox, which seemed intimidating at the time (Bootstrap was on version 3, which hadn't implemented it yet). It was great for simple layouts, but on more complicated designs trying to fit the HTML markup to the conventions of the framework was a nightmare. Eventually, I ditched it completely and decided to properly learn how to use flexbox. It was one of the wisest choices I've made, as learning was much easier than I thought, and since then styling a page became much easier on every aspect.

In my opinion, the biggest drawback of such frameworks is that there is a danger that you will end up learning the framework and forget the actual CSS without a good enough payoff. Doing <div class="sm:flex;"> instead of putting display: flex; on a media query, not only won't save you from any worthwhile trouble but if you get used to it you might unfamiliarize yourself with how things actually work.