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Firefox, since version 0.9.
From time to time I tried to switch to Chrome and, more recently to the new Edge, but I always end up back to Firefox. Currently, the most important things that keep me here are better customizability of the interface and, probably the main reason, the Multi-account Containers.

Also, I find it to be the most "likable" browser, as I would trust Mozilla more than Google, Microsoft, or Apple.


Multi-account Containers is a nice spot. Nonetheless, some times the extension get a bit crazy and memory usage spikes, like crazy. This happens to you too?


Actually, no, memory is fine most of the time. In fact, I've seen that Chrome is much more memory intensive compared to Firefox (as a web developer I have them both open most of the time). Also, I've seen that it can be a better choice for less powerful PCs. During the years there were a few times that it became clunky, but it was fixed with a full reset.

I guess it depends on the number and quality of the addons that one uses, of course. I don't use too many anyway, which I believe that it helps.

Do you use it on Windows, right?

Yes, I am using it on Windows.

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