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Giorgos Sarigiannidis • Edited on

FYI, you can also duplicate posts using WP-CLI, with wp post create --from-post=POST_ID --post_title="Title"
If it's for my own use, I prefer it as I avoid installing a plugin. If you need to offer the functionality to clients, though, the plugin that you mentioned is indeed great.

From time to time I need a post ordering plugin and I've been using Nsp Code's ost Types Order. Your suggestion seems better, though and I will try it the next time.

ACF is an amazing plugin and I use it too on every project. I will always be grateful to Elliot Condon :D

BTW, here's my list of the plugins that I use on most of my projects:

(The last two are mine)

Also, depending on the project's requirements, I also use:

  • WooCommerce for e-shop functionality (obviously).
  • WPML for multilingual support.
  • WP All Import (the paid version) to import data from CSV, XML etc.
  • Admin Columns (the free version) to better organize columns in the Admin Panel.
  • SeedProd's Coming Soon Page (the free version) to easily create "Coming Soon" pages until the site goes live.
  • Favicon Extender for when I want to use different icons for Android, iOS and Windows.

(the last one is mine)

Finally, I've also made DareDev, which I use on all of my custom projects. It's only for developers, though, as it doesn't have a control panel and is only meant to be used as an mu-plugin to facilitate some development tasks.

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Yossi Abramov Author

Thanks for the great list!