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Discussion on: Is it possible that the software industry could become nearly 100% remote?

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Gualtiero Frigerio

I think it is important to give your employee a choice.
Remote work is not for everyone, I'd be happy to work from home and avoid my daily commute but some of my colleagues prefer an office environment. Some of them may enjoy a coworking space, but other may prefer working with their team at the same office.
I don't think the entire industry will become remote first, but I expect the majority of companies to allow some kind of remote work in the near future, maybe just once or twice a week, or giving the choice between fully remote or office.
I'll base my future career decision on that, trying to exclude companies hostile to remote work.

In order to contain the spreading of corona virus many firms in Italy are allowing people to work from home this days, in some cases people are forced to work remotely as some cities are in lockdown.
Let's see how it goes, unfortunately I'm still coming to the office but trains are almost empty and there is way less traffic than usual.
I'm trying to see the glass half full, I hope firms will start considering remote work after this experimentation period in order to improve their employee's lives and to reduce pollution.

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