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Yes, that's true.

It's true for databases too.

If you want to store a data in a SQL database which has three states (True, False, Unknown), then you might think a nullable boolean column (here "my_column") is the right choice. But I think it is not. Do you think the SQL statement "select * from my_table where my_column = %s" works? No, it won't work since "select * from my_table where my_column = NULL" will never ever return a single line. If you don't believe me, read: Effect of NULL in WHERE clauses (Wikipedia). If you like typing, you can work-around this in your application, but I prefer straight forward solutions with only few conditions.

If you want to store True, False, Unknown: Use text, integer or a new table and a foreign key.

From my Guidelines: github.com/guettli/programming-gui...


Great comparison! Thank you for sharing this!

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