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Discussion on: Learn C# Programming with Me (Introduction)

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Guilherme Tavares • Edited

C# is an amazing language! And I feel it doesn't have the recognition it deserves. C# is a very powerful language and alongside .NET you can create a vast variety of applications, as you said, from web applications to mobile apps. My goal is to be a .NET Developer someday. Unfortunately, I can't find any resources that go in-depth with C#/.NET. Actually, there are many good courses, books, and bootcamps out there, but most of them are expensive. So, do you have any suggestions for a course or book of C#/.NET that you liked? I would really appreciate that.

PS: Looking forward to seeing your Pokemon CLI game! Sounds pretty interesting!

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Arvind Padmanabhan

I found this link:
It's meant for beginners. Three sessions introducing .NET and C#.