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I understood your position about accessibility of the JavaScript and hence the qualities of its community. I have a few side questions:

1) Judging by your surprise at the success of JavaScript, do you believe that JavaScript is not "a good programming language"?

2) Who, in your opinion, should carry the burden of proof, people who believe that JavaScript is "a good programming language" or people who believe that JavaScript is not "a good programming language"?


1) I consider JavaScript a very good programming language. However, I do acknowledge that in its early days (prior to ES5) some of its features created some issues (e.g. scope).

I personally use TypeScript because I enjoy working with types and I believe they make my life easier but that doesn't mean that JavaScript is a bad programming language.

I think accessibility has contributed to the success of JavaScript but it has also contributed to the misunderstanding of it. JavaScript is very easy to get started with but it is not so easy to master. So a lot of people got started with it without spending the time necessary to understand things like prototypes or closures.

2) I think no one needs to proof JS is a good or a bad language. If you like it, enjoy and if you don't like it, that's cool too, don't use it. Every language has pros and cons. For example, being single-threaded could be seen as a weakness but JavaScript (node.js) can be very good programming language to implement a proxy because being single-threaded (and non-blocking I/O) allows it to handle a lot of HTTP requests.

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