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Turnkey Solution for Raspberry Pi Remote SSH Access Over the Internet

Imagine managing few thousands of Raspberry Pi devices at your work or at your customer site behind firewall or NAT. How would you configure, setup, access or even debug them from remote locations?

SocketXP provides turnkey IoT solution that can bring up hundreds or thousands of RPi devices online for remote SSH connectivity in less than a minute(limited only by your ability to copy paste a command).

Not just that, it is highly secure (uses SSL/TLS tunneling - a lightweight VPN alternative solution)

How the SockeXP turnkey solution for Raspberry Pi Remote SSH Access over the Internet

Just 2 simple steps.

Step #1

Copy a single command from SocketXP Portal Page as shown below.

Alt Text

Note: The above command has a unique auth-token assigned just for you and your devices.

Paste the above command on your Raspberry Pi device terminal. Paste this command on as many number of devices as you want to bring up for remote connectivity. Just one command for all your RPi devices.

Alt Text

Step #2

Check if your device is up and connected on the SocketXP portal page as shown below.

Click the terminal icon next to your RPi device.

Alt Text

Provide your RPi SSH credentials in the next screen.

Alt Text

Boom... and there you are, now inside your RPi SSH shell.

Now type any command in the shell. Say for example "htop".

Alt Text

How hard was this? Easy-Peasy isn't it?

Let me know what you think about this single-touch installation and our SocketXP Raspberry Pi remote SSH connectivity solution in general.

BTW, did I say that it's completely free for adding upto 4 RPi devices?

Got 5 or more devices? SocketXP service is just 20 Cents per device for one full month of remote connectivity ? And that too backed by a 14-day money back guarantee!!

Read more about the full solution here:

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