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re: I grew up in Turkey. The educational system there is built in a way that a 14 years old kid needs to determine which path to take. Either you choos...

I beg to differ on the effect of Education, here in Tunisia, education is not that expensive and the majority is educated yet we are still ending up over and over with the same faulty corrupted governements. In our case it might be because the big majority of voters are the older generations deciding the future they won't be part of, it might be that corruption got normalized (it's pretty normal to talk about bribery and inherited work positions, cheating,...: it might be funny but this is a real thing, kids inherit their parents jobs here).

Yeah the political culture is also a major factor in determining the level of stability. I understand what you mean because I grew up in a similar culture and the worst thing about it is that it's very difficult to change it. Perhaps that's why I didn't work in politics but rather decided to start an engineer career :)

It's kinda ironic, one can't do politics in 3rd world countries that critically needed since making a change impossible, and don't have to do politics in developed countries like Switzerland since the system is in constant evolution (in a good sense of course).

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