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Discussion on: How to use Android Studio File Templates to speed up development.

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Hi Samuel, is there a way to share our template to others? (but not manually copy -> paste in Files & code templates)

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nevermind. just copy the .idea/fileTemplates folder and paste in different computer/project

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Samuel Agbesinyale Author • Edited

Hi Han,

Interesting approach, for some reason though, I could not find the "fileTemplates" subdirectory in my project's ".idea" folder.

So for other readers who might have the same issue,

AndroidStudio provides a way to share export these templates and/or other android studio settings across devices.

To do that, from the menu, go to

  • File -> Manage IDE Settings -> Export Settings
  • In the dialog that opens up, ensure that the "File templates" checkbox is checked.
  • Specify the destination path where the settings should be saved and click "OK"

You can then copy the resulting .zip file to the other computer/user.
Importing the shared file templates is just as easy.

Go to

  • File -> Manage IDE Settings -> Import Settings
  • Select the exported .zip settings file.
  • In the Import Settings dialog, ensure that the "File templates" checkbox is checked and click OK.

Thats it.

NB: Be mindful of the checkboxes you enable when exporting, so you do not end up exporting unnecessary/unwanted settings

You can also check this link here for more information.