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Afolayan Ademola Segun
Afolayan Ademola Segun

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React Native

Hey i am kest. Just want to share my personal experience with react native. I aint introducing anything. What do i know? I just want to encourage you out there if you just started. Its not going to be easy but you need to continue learning... You need more than the "i just want to learn". You need the desire and passion to react... 😆. So i was introduced to react by my siwes supervisor who hardly had time for me. But i really want to learn, hence my relentless effort. Glory to God i am trying bit by bit. You can too.
Its interesting. Its captivating and it joy unspeakable when you actually see the result of your work on that device, on that emulator. So sweet.
So dont stop please.
Well, have you heard of npm...?
Its gonna piss you off trust me. But you need that piece to react. Keep running npm no matter what! Its an advice from/for a senior dev, they say!
This is for my colleague; beginners.

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