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Take your Front-end Team's Productivity to the Next Level

Whether it's a baseball team or a team of developers, at the end of the day, Team Leads are responsible for bringing the best out of them. Managing a team can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. You can make sure that your team is performing best to its abilities by providing them with the right tools. Same is the case with blox. It can help you and your team build complete UIs in a jiffy. Here are a few reasons why you should be using blox to maximize the productivity of your Dev Team.

No need to reinvent the wheel

Sometimes the best way to start a project is to avoid making it from scratch. Why waste all the precious time of developers in making a component from scratch when it's already available out there. It is like they say: work smart, not hard. blox helps developers with its huge library of 1500+ drop-in ready components.

Building MVPs

For example you’re building a MVP as your next project. You need to put in as little effort as you can while making sure that it is capable of delivering the core functionalities. So, while developing its UI, you can simply use the drop-in ready components from blox. It will save your team from starting everything from scratch while enabling them to focus on the main features of the MVP.

Best Development Standards

It is very important that you keep yourself up to date with all the modern development practices that make the project and UIs stand out from the rest of the crowd. You then pass it on to your team so that they are also up to date with the latest trends. For example, Accessibility features are highly important to Google these days and Google encourages websites to give them the utmost priority for better ranking. Now what you can do is to ask your team to use the components from blox which are all WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) compliant. This way your team is implementing the best development practices while saving time as well. Hence resulting in increased productivity.

Less Code. More Productivity

Memorising syntax for multiple different frameworks is hard. Every developer can tell you that. It is standard practice to look up the syntax from documentation and then implement it accordingly. While it gets the job done, it also takes a lot of time. And when the time comes, developers might have to do this all over again for a new component. This is where blox comes in. It offers 1500+ pre-made components that can fit the needs of every possible scenario. With just a click, developers can paste hundreds of lines of code into their project thus saving them the effort of going back and forth with the syntax implementation.

Between low-code & no-code

If you’ve been working with developers then it might not come as a surprise to you that they don’t like the concept of no-code. Most UI kits get the same treatment from multiple developers out there and blox might come off as just another UI Kit. But blox is more than just a UI Kit. It offers more convenience and is the sweet spot between low-code and no-code. It still allows the developers to make changes to the code according to their preferences and saves them from making every component from scratch. So it's an easy tool to pass off to your development team without getting any backlash.


Developers and Team Leads should always work closely together so that they can better understand each other. As a Team Lead, it's your responsibility to guide them in the right direction and give them access to the tools they need to boost their productivity. I would definitely pass blox off to my development team (if I had any lol). Let me know what you guys think. Would you recommend blox to your teams?

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Spandan Sehgal

Found it helpful , will surely use the fundamentals
Keep it up

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Thanks man!

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Fabian Talzer • Edited

Please get in contact with us - we like your work and want to get your support. How can we reach you? Thank you