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Give more Attention to your README file

Starting out as a Web Developer can be quite overwhelming. You are bombarded with so many different technologies to choose from. But one thing that can make you stand out from all the other people starting out is the discipline you put into your projects. And one of the best ways to add it in your projects is to write proper documentation of your process.

Readme is a text file that is used by developers to explain and introduce their projects to the external users. It contains the information that is needed to get acquainted with the corresponding project. It's used as a way to answer all the frequent questions that other developers might have regarding the project such as identifying the technology stack or installing it for personal use.

Why should I write Readme

Readme is usually ignored while adding projects to your repositories. As a newbie it seems unnecessary to write long lines that probably no one is going to read. But you might come back to your code after a while and that readme file is going to help you a lot in identifying what was what. A good readme file should be as good as the project itself.

Readme is very important in growth

Adding a readme file might seem as a small step as it is often ignored but this one small step can go a long way in your development career. Your projects on GitHub are basically your portfolio. It’s very rare that you start landing big clients after starting out so until you make a name for yourself, adding your projects in a presentable way to your repositories is the best way to showcase your talents to your possible clients. If you’re in a learning phase and trying to code on different test projects, then it's best to add them to your repositories with a good description. The best part about these descriptions is that even a non-technical person (maybe a recruiter) can get an idea of your talents from these files.

Tips on writing a good Description



Make sure to add specific and to the point titles that describe what the project is about

The project's aim:

Mention what you want to achieve by making this project. It's good to start developing with deliverables in mind.

Tech Stack:

Add what framework or library you’re using and it’d be super awesome if you add why you used it in the first place.


If your project is a software or an app, make sure that you add proper instructions on how to install it on whatever platform you’re providing support for.

Really Stand Out:

If you’re feeling a wee bit fancy and really want to make a good impression by going the extra mile, consider adding these sections as well.

  • Table of contents
  • GIFs of project in action
  • Scope of functionalities
  • Project status
  • Sources
  • Other information

Let me know what you guys think about Readme files.

Happy Developing!

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Waylon Walker

One thing I learned from watching the linus tech tips Linux challenge is that GitHub is being used by more and more non developers who just want things to work, but the readmes are written at such a high level that it's very frustrating for them.

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Spandan Sehgal

Yeah true

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Thank you very much

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Spandan Sehgal

Amazing ans stunning post.
I really didn't knew that is this much importance!

Thanks for this amazing post again !
Keep it up!

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Thanks man!

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Spandan Sehgal


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@snake games

I like it!

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Nikhil Chandra Roy

Thanks for your beautiful article.

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Carlos Andrés Mora González

Thanks a lot this rule for create a readme is good :)

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Spandan Sehgal

I have also Saved it

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Komal Qamar


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Henri Idrovo

Check out this cool template for personal readme: