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How to get access to OpenAI GPT-3 API?


OpenAI has opened up its GPT-3 AI model for commercial and research uses. They have done it by the way of an API.

Having OpenAI API access is necessary for doing any kind of work using OpenAI GPT-3. This API is currently in Private Beta and hence not everyone gets immediate access or sometimes no access at all.

For people who want to build something with OpenAI API, getting access is like having Early Christmas.

In this chapter, I am sharing the OpenAI official process to get access to their GPT-3 API as well as some best practices that have helped multiple people in getting access faster.
OpenAI Access Social Proof

How to Apply for Access to OpenAI API?

To apply for access to the OpenAI API, you need to fill and submit a form available here -
OpenAI Access Form

Once, the form is submitted, somebody at OpenAI manually reviews your application and decides on the access approval.

Best Practices while applying

There are lots of people complaining online that they have applied months or weeks in the past and never received their access or OpenAI should make access to the API available.

I applied for access two times. First time in July 2020. I never got access. I re-applied again in Jan and got access the very next day.
OpenAI API Approval
While it's OpenAI 's own decision to who and how they give access to their API, there are few things one can do to speed up the approval process.

  • If possible and if you have access to, use an email id that is either your work email or on a domain that you own. For example, yourname@companyname or yourname@yourwebsite is better than something like There is no official rule against using generic email services. However, in my own experience and after speaking to other people who applied, custom domain email ids have better
  • Try not to use non-personal email ids like, etc. Instead use email ids that have your name in them, like
  • Use real person names in the Name fields, not company names or generic names.
  • Do mention your interesting idea in the given field. Note that you don't necessarily have to build this exact idea. This particular answer tells them whether you have thought through enough before applying for access. Try coming up with an idea for an app or a project before applying.
  • Choose one of these options.
    • Build a new product
    • Integrate within existing product
  • You should fill in as many fields as possible, even if they are not mandatory. Also, do not misrepresent yourself in any of the answers.

Applied for OpenAI access but still haven't received it

Even after doing all this, if your access is taking too much time(> week at this moment), Here are few things you could to try speed up your access request approval.

  • Try sending an email to making your case for fast track access.
  • Reach out to OpenAI employees on Twitter via DMs.

Applying for Research Purpose.

The above application process was decribed based on assumption that you are applying to build a product with OpenAI API. However, if your purpose is research, they have a separate application process and available on this link -


I would love to hear from you about your experience with getting access to the OpenAI API via email or Twitter DM.

This chapter is part of the Definite Guide to building products with OpenAI API that I am writing in public and making it available for reading online.

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