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Free Xpadder Download in 2021

Most PC games are suited for keyboard and mouse, but some will be much easier to play with a joystick.

However, some games don’t support the use of a controller. Even when they do, there are times when Windows won’t recognize the presses you make.

Xpadder is the answer to all these. Optimize your gameplay with a proper gamepad and great software to go with it.

It makes your gamepad more compatible with any game. You can even use your pad to perform other tasks. Take a look at our tutorial for Xpadder download for your PC.

What is Xpadder?

It is an independent gamepad solution that maps your keyboard and mouse presses to your gamepad’s buttons.

You can assign different keys to your gamepad. For instance, the X button on your pad can be the number 1, 2, or 3 on your keyboard.

Most games support keyboard buttons but not direct gamepads. This software combines the two.

If you have been used to Windows XP and only recently have Windows 10, this is perfect for you. Your issues connecting your Xbox or other controller get solved immediately.


Xpadder packs a lot of great features, which includes:
• Compatibility with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10
• Emulator for your full keyboard and mouse
• Joystick support to DOS games
• Use of controller for games not supporting your preferred controller
• Controller support for multiplayer games
• Use of up to 16 controllers
• Conformable to arcade stick, gamepad, joystick, steering wheel, guitar, drum kit, dance mat
• Vibrate and rumble features for games that don’t have them by default
• Play browser games
• Control of media players and other software with your controller

Xpadder is not limited to games. You can map the buttons to the media controls on your PC.


Your pad becomes a type of remote control. The handy remapping feature of the Xpadder allows you to assign several different keys with no difficulty.

Xpadder Free Download

You can download the old version of Xpadder for free. It works and has a great lineup of features. However, it does not include newer updates.

You can try the free version first and see if it works for your gaming needs. Then consider purchasing the latest Xpadder if needed.

You can find several sites that provide the older versions of Xpadder. Here’s one way to download Xpadder in your PC:

  1. Visit their official Download Xpadder
  2. Select your language and country
  3. Enter your email address on the next page
  4. Open the email Xpadder sent you
  5. You will find the link in the email
  6. Click the link and make the payment
  7. After making the payment, you will get access to download the most recent version of the app
  8. Installation only takes a few minutes

How to Use Xpadder

Now that you have installed it in your PC, plug in your joystick/gamepad and wait for your PC to recognize it. Follow the steps below to manage the settings for your controller:

  1. Open the Xpadder control panel
  2. Go to General Settings
  3. From the list of controllers, select the controller you use
  4. Make changes to the settings and save the profile for the controller.

Remember, you can use up to 16 controllers with Xpadder. You can certainly invite your friends over and play games. The multiplayer support of this app makes that possible.

You can configure the controllers individually so you can each have your personal setting preferences.

Map the buttons whichever way you want, whatever controller you may have. Also, you can turn off any gamepad feature you don’t want to use.

If you don’t like to make any changes to your gamepad settings, you can go with the default settings.

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