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Discussion on: Advent of Code 2020 Solution Megathread - Day 7: Handy Haversacks

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Harry Gibson

Urgh this was horrible. I should have taken the opportunity to learn some kind of graph library to do this, but I've spent way enough time looking at it now.

from collections import defaultdict

class RuleParser():

    def __init__(self):
        self.containment_tree = defaultdict(lambda: defaultdict(list))

    def parse_row(self, row):
        if row.strip()=="": return
        row = row.replace(' bags', '').replace(' bag', '').replace('.','').strip()
        outer, contents = row.split(' contain ')
        content_rules = contents.split(', ')
        for contained_rule in content_rules:
            words = contained_rule.split(' ')
            n = 0 if words[0] == "no" else int(words[0])
            colour = " ".join(words[1:])
            colour = colour if n > 0 else "no other"

    def find_in_subtree(self, target_color):
        outers = set()
        def search_subtree(for_colour):
            for outer in self.containment_tree:
                if for_colour in self.containment_tree[outer]:
        return len(outers)

    def _n_in_subtree(self, outer_bag):
        total_children = 1
        for inner_bag in parser.containment_tree[outer_bag]:
            n_this_colour = parser.containment_tree[outer_bag][inner_bag]
            n_children = self._n_in_subtree(inner_bag)
            total_children += n_this_colour * n_children
        return total_children

    def n_in_children(self, outer_bag):
        return self._n_in_subtree(outer_bag)-1

parser = RuleParser()

with open ("input.txt", "r") as input:
    for row in input:

goal_colour = 'shiny gold'
part_1 = parser.find_in_subtree(goal_colour)
print(f"Part 1 solution: {part_1} colours can ultimately contain a {goal_colour} bag")

part_2 = parser.n_in_children(goal_colour)
print(f"Part 2 solution: a {goal_colour} bag has to contain {part_2} other bags")
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