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Ghost Issues Notifier

My Workflow


Create a label in your repo to assign to ghost(pushed back in stack because of unnecessary duplication of issues) issues.

The default label this action uses is stuck, but you can use any label.

NOTE: The label must be setup before using this action


✳️ = Required

  Input Default Description
✳️ repo-token   Input for `secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN`.
  cutoff 24h The cutoff time period before a pull request is considered stuck. The value will be passed to the ms package.
  label stuck Name of the label to assign to ghost issues.

The supplied label must already exist. This action will not create a new label.
✳️ message   The comment message to post on the issues to notify a user.
✳️ search-query   Search query to pass to the issue search.

The value provided will be appended to the base search query, which looks something like this:
        repo:${GITHUB_REPOSITORY} is:issue is:open created:<=${createdSinceCutOff} -label:${stuckLabel}

Example workflow

name: Ghost Issues
    - cron: '0 * * * *' # Run once per hour
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - uses: harsh-2711/ghost-issues-notifier-actions@main
          repo-token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}
          message: 'Hey @yourUsername, this issue appears to be stuck.'
          search-query: 'author:app/dependabot-preview author:app/dependabot'

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Ghost Issues Notifier

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