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Discussion on: Masonite 2.2 Released - The Modern Python Web Framework!

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Harshil Patel

Hell yeah, finally founded after a two years.
Really I want to keep updated on this framework when I was introduced to this framework by core team member Vaibhav Mule. But, forgotten the name years ago. And I was at the moment where I just leave idea about it. And started my journey with django. Now, today ( just before 5 minutes writing this comments ) I finally found the LARAVEL OF PYTHON.
At this time weting this comment, I've seen many progress but, I'm not ready to take it to the production level. But, I'll play with it for sure 110%.
Hope for the success. And lots of wishes from a developer to developers and contributors of this framework.
Already waiting for the day where I can confidently see the stability of this project.
( Already somehow stable but, not as compared to django. )
Love you guys.