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Currently, We are using Liquibase to resolve this issue. As Developer, You know feature you are implementing and you already tested with a different combination of data (If you are a good developer!). With liquibase we added one more step in our process that each developer will write liquibase changeset to insert/update/delete data by which they performed the test. We have profile setup so this changeset will only run in dev context.


  • This data will be available on all developer machine once they start application
  • We can resolve most of the migration problem in dev cycle as we have all combinations of data
  • Your QA team already has some data when they start testing (QA team should test on production clone application but here we have two CI one with dev profile and one with prod)


  • Sometimes it is burden on developer to do this extra work
  • You can not skip this step under tight deadline because if you stop to add changeset for some time then time to add this changeset afterward will increase exponentially and it is possible that many bugs will be reported from production
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