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Why MySQL?

MySQL is a structured query language relational database system designed to handle large amounts of data at high speeds, in all types of conceivable scenarios. Battle tested and used by organizations large and small to manage their digital information. It is flexible and integratabtle into most established applications. It's an extremely useful database system.

MySQL uses queries for retrieving a piece of data from a table in a database.

Let's look at the SELECT keyword as it is one of the many queries you can make in MYSQL.

SELECT * FROM users WHERE name = 'John' AND age < 30;

The select key word can be used to get values stored in the database. Other query keywords can be used to narrow down your search.
MySQL employs a Shared-Nothing Architecture. In this format, each node where a value is stored is independent of other nodes, giving the data structure a powerful durability. If a node fails in some way, or part of a query fails for example, the rest of the program and subsequent information is not affected and can still run.

MySQL also offers a query caching feature. A query itself will be stored in a table alongside its resulting value in a cache. When tables receive multiple identical queries the value can be returned when matching query is received, rather than reading and running another query operation. This increases speed and performance and works best when working with tables that do not fluctuate too much. This speed is kept when scaled upwards because of the unique relational nature of MySQL. This technique is one of the many reasons MySQL is a great choice for creating and managing your databases.

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