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Discussion on: Supercharging Vim: Navigate files instantly

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Haruan Justino

I used CtrlP for some years, it is pretty good.
I've changed to fzf some months ago, maybe you should test it too.

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Ben Sinclair

I use fzf, these days. I always found CtrlP was reeeeeeaaaaaallllyyyy slow in Vim, especially with a lot of files. I'm talking 30 seconds to scan a reasonable-size project. I'm not sure what was holding it up.

Now I use fzf all over the place - I have a bunch of functions and scripts to allow vim or git or whatever to use fuzzy-matching, and use it for things like a fuzzy buffer-explorer inside Vim:

Vim session using fzf to display a list of open buffers

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Andres Granada

I agree, fzf is so powerful, and depending of the Vim version you could have a file preview.

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Matt Layman Author

Those look like some interesting features of fzf! Switching to ripgrep for CtrlP's user command has made CtrlP performant enough for me to date.

There was some recent change on my Mac (a brew thing, perhaps?) that caused CtrlP to index my .git directory, which is super annoying. Maybe I'll use that as an opportunity to try out fzf. :)