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Discussion on: Live like a monk - the key to success

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Muhammad Hasnain • Edited

Good article. I don't think this has anything to do with being a monk though. We evolved in simple environment rather than the complex and chronic anxiety inducing one. For those interested in this topic should read the book called, "The Awakened Ape."

The books discusses the topic of anthropology, current indigenous peoples who live like how our ancestors did. Non of them had bad teeth, suffered from mental illnesses, were fat or couldn't sleep at night. They did not had any access to the complex literature, research and philosophy that we unhappy people do.

For some strange reason, when small groups becomes tribes, communities and nations, individuals become unhappy, this is true for even ancient civilizations like Sumerians, as evidence from their lamentations in the book called, "Epic of Gilgamesh."

The answer is complex yet extremely simple. Complex because you'd have to study hundreds of books in order to realize how useless these complexities are, thought upon thought, fantasy upon fantasy, expectation upon expectations. You realize how ads and social media programs your unconscious to be dissatisfied. How Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other such giants are made to be addictive.

Fun Fact: The reason Mark Zuckerberg wear the same clothes, have the same hairstyle, does not use Facebook or lets his children use them is because your brain can only make a limited amount of decisions during a day before it runs out of decision energy. Yet these platforms provide you with 5 different types of likes and other stuff like "shorts". They study and exploit human psychology.

Simple when you realize that the best times in your life were laughing about some stupid shit and that regular exercise, quite environment, meditation, spiritual practices and family are what matters. (Along with the points you mention.) You simply breakoff from the rat-race, you stop being a sheep and you start to live.

I'd also like to add that success is a subjective topic. I've seen a very poor person who lived with extreme gratitude, even after he became rich in his 50s, I never saw such a happy, humble and content man who slept like a baby. For me, such an attitude is success, despite the how rich or poor someone is because what use is a big car and house when you roll around in bed while sleep eludes you.

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Sandor Dargo Author

Thanks for your comment. It's funny you brought up Zuckerberg. Exactly this manifestation of decision fatigue gave the title of one of my talks. But it was on a more technical topic, coding guidelines.

It's also true that in general poorer countries are reported to be happier. Approaching this from the other way, I read an article some time ago on Medium claiming that the richer you are the more pills you take.

Maybe we can use it as a stop sign for ourselves. :)