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re: Not really. Even Chromium is full of nasty blobs from Google and telemetry. There are forks out there that attempt to clean up Chromium.

Nice, just found those forks (Bromite, Brave, ungoogled-chromium). What I meant to say is that since Chromium is fully open-source, we can see those pieces of code and remove it.

Will take a look at those forks this week-end :)

Yeah, you're right on that. But forks is honestly not what interests the stark majority of people... And those set the bar with their sheer mass

Their problem until now was that their release cycle didn't allow catching up with Chrome. They could only change Edge during the feature release cycle going half a year or more.

Then they made a change and Google broke the change (happened with Youtube, Google put another transparent Div over everything or something, which broke Edge's hardware acceleration).

They've kinda given up trying to catch up

With that sort of release cycle they had no chance to keep up, and they've asked for their failure.

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