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Fish Shell & Alacritty

Recently, I've been using the fish shell (not sure why it took me so long) but I've always used zsh.
I do not script or anything like that so I do not have a "real" reason why I choose my shell.

I always use zsh because I just like the syntax, highlighting, autocomplete and powerline plugins.

I stumbled upon fish because I decided to install Garuda Dr46onized and love the fish shell because it has all those things built in. But configuring took some time to get used to even though it is supposed to be easier.
It is like pre-calculus is zsh and calculus is fish.
You learn all the hardwork first and then you use a different type of method that simplifies everything.

What shells do you guys use?


I am used to binding keys with bindkeys command but fish is a bit different.
You would need to go to the file

/usr/share/fish/functions/ to create your custom keys

two custom bindkeys I use often is to open up ncmpcpcc with the visualier and also neomutt

for the neomutt I use the Ctrl+e keys
to do this
I just input
bind -s --preset -M insert \ce 'neomutt'

for the ncmpcpp I use the Ctrl+n
bind -s --preset -M insert \cn 'ncmpcpp -S visualizer'

If you also want to have your own personal greeting whenever fish is executed.

I would create a in ~/.config/fish/functions/

enter the following code
`function fish_greeting
echo "Hello World"
neofetch # to execute the command
mpc # to see the current song


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