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Well, its already a nice thing you are doing from the comfort of your own interest. If I say so I would always love to have a cup of coffee. Writing my own blog to share the knowledge.

Work is worship for most of the mortals. I always tried to work in office hours and left the work in office when I leave the office in the evening.

Oh! Yes I am freak about watching movies goes to hangouts. And before going to bed I command my mind to walk up early and plan your day to know the things to do.

Health is always first, I always prefer to workout at least 3-4 times or more in a week. To keep myself healthy. I love to cook for myself.

Everything matters but the gaming matters to me the most. Ahh! I am not a gamer, but I always found energetic t play games and know about what is actually trending. And playing the new games at least once gives me a really good satisfaction.

Moreover, everyone loves sleep so I sleep in the weekends.

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