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re: Cool! Before I read your article I took a stab at throwing together a quick progress bar. My approach was almost the same as yours except that I us...

Awesome! It's great to see a solution using React 😊. Those four colors are a nice mix.


See I think it depends on the role. If you're hiring a css oriented front-end developer, that's fine. If you're brining in my JS architecture oriented folks, the kind who are more adept at setting up a babel rc than a keyframe, well then it's unfair.

I disagree, I think part of becoming a senior engineer or a team lead is having a breadth of knowledge. Having someone who has an understanding of how the data flows from a user through html and javascript all the way to bare metal and back is important.

I will agree that these tests can be overly domain specific, but I also think that the desire to have engineers with great breadth of knowledge is a good one.

I'm with you, breadth of knowledge is important. That is certainly what my role demands of me and I like it, but in being broad I think we sacrifice depth in some of these categories. I think this particular test is incredibly general and is well suited to many full stack developers, I agree with the author that extending it to a sockets implementation would make it even more fun.

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