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The name dropping and the one day turn around is the worst. It’s a risky move pushing back, because they are guaranteed to go running to their manager, but not doing the work until it reaches the top of the backlog is the only way I’ve found to manage these requests.

How do you then stop the internal battle of needing to get everything done no matter how late you stay and how much you know you shouldn’t turn the world upside down again?


For me,the name dropping and running to your manager behind your back are the two worst things they can do. It shows a fundamental disregard for anyone other than themselves right in that moment and it grinds my gears like nothing else.

Standing firm on why you can't (and won't) just drop everything is the only way to go. Melt and capitulate and you've set the scene for every repeat encounter in future.

The only problem with this approach is having a manager who disrespects you and your team's process as well and doesn't back you. I've been lucky in this regard for the majority of my data career but I can see how it could easily go very wrong if you don't have that level of air cover above you.


It’s good to know I’m not the only one struggling with this :)

Having a manager who understands and has got your back is so important. I’m lucky to have that now because the opposite is really soul destroying. I’ve had managers who would tell me to be more flexible when I pushed back. That doesn’t help anyone.

Thank you for writing this up, I’m looking forward to your next post

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