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Discussion on: What Should I Do If My BI Project Gets Ignored?

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Helen Anderson

I recognise this one ... as with all your posts :)

The more I work with software devs the more I see the value in creating an MVP quickly and working from there. The more I do this, the more I find that the requester really just wanted a quick and dirty answer to their question. Slaving away over ETL, beautiful dashboards and the maintenance that comes with all that is sometimes unnecesary.

There isn't a lot of job satisfaction in pulling together something on the fly when it could be so much better and stop them coming back in three weeks for the same thing. But at the same time it requires them to use self-service, maintenance of the dataset underneath it and in reality, I've saved the code so I can just rerun it if it's not too involved.

The long-term BI projects I've been involved with require a Stakeholder and signed off Requirements doc from the get-go. No doc, no work. Going back to the Stakeholder every milestone or a couple of weeks is crucial in keeping them interested and scope creep to a minimum.

Data is easy to wrangle, people aren't :)

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Alan Hylands Author

"Data is easy to wrangle, people aren't :)"

Never a truer word spoken!