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Discussion on: Switching To linux

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Hélio Márcio Filho • Edited

Totally agree. Windows after 7 is a pretty decent Operating System. Windows 10 became the most productive OS for many kinds of development workloads due WSL. I never had sluggish in Windows 10. And I had a Core i5 8GB of RAM. Not a high-end machine.

In Reddit I see many, many histories of migrations to Linux. It's a interesting history to tell, but just a small number of people really stays there. Nobody want to admit that came back to Windows because sounds like a "shame".

And in this history I can't feel a strong motivation from the author. He didn't pointed the specific problem and just said it was because "he have problems that everyone has". Every OS have its problems. And some Linux problems are ridiculous in my opinion. Real example: In my Dell Inspiron 7550 everytime that I close the lid with some player playing music, after the system come back from suspension there's no audio. I have to do a "pulseaudio -k" in Terminal to restart the service.

For sure another temporary migration. But we'll never know. Nobody wants to tell that are coming back to Windows.

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Hey how do you use wsl, been wondering when I met need it, what use case?

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Hélio Márcio Filho

In my case, I use WSL as development server machine. I have Docker, Postgres, MySQL , MongoDB and all those stuff which are much easier to get installed on Linux than in Windows inside WSL. And even better, I have totally isolated environments. There's no server stuff in my personal machine that I use for common tasks, just the IDE.

I avoid to keep my Windows installation bloated with services starting automatically. I start WSL on-demand.