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Discussion on: A Modern CSS Reset

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Jere Salonen

Not a great idea! This'll kill position: sticky for all the child elements.

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Andy Bell

Oooh good point!

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Chris Coyier

The mental leap for that is a tough one for me. Why isn't my position: sticky; working?! Oh, because some parent element has hidden X overflow? 🤯

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Andy Bell

Yup. I completely forgot about that bugger. Definitely not helpful to be set as a global style in that context.

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Ignácio Correia

Finally I figure it out too :)

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Cully Larson

Apparently if you set the height of the element you're overflow hidden'ing on, sticky will work. So something like:

#container {
    overflow-x: hidden;
    overflow-y: scroll;
    height: 100vh; /* need to set this for child elements to be able to use display:sticky (c.f. */
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