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Discussion on: What's your coding origin story?

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Duc Nguyen

I was at 7th grade, a lot of my classmates had Nokia cellphones that could access the Internet. They started playing online games and it was super fun at the moment because we were all new to this. A female friend of mine had a cellphone with a T9 keyboard that she always let me and my dude borrow at break time.

We tried installing some games but failed as the phone didn't support Java. So we Googled what Java was, and it led to the "wap" sites where my friends downloaded games, and then there were some forums where people guided how to create a wap site.

2 curious boys started the journey from here. We learned the basic structure of an HTML page. We screamed like crazy when we made the text move on the screen with the tag, or when our tags had gradient CSS background. All that with a borrowed cellphone at break time!

2 years later I got my own cellphone. It had a great feature: QWERTY keyboard! I coded on my phone, without looking at the keyboard! I contributed to a wap forum which helped people who were creating wap sites. I became an admin there. Those feelings of helping people, solving their programming problems, being responsible as an admin of a forum... are precious! There were nights I didn't sleep just to chat with my friends there.

Now I am programmer, work my dream job but I'll never forget my past. So motivated whenever I reminisce it back.

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Rob Kendal {{☕}} Author

Wow, that’s amazing; to think it all started with a phone. That’s some right I’m on the ground floor level stuff 😎