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Discussion on: Bumbag - an accessible & themeable React UI Kit

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Hemant Joshi 😼

I have tried a lot of UI Library's and some of them are
Chakra Ui
Material Ui
Sematic Ui
React Bootstrap
And a lot other...

But one I loved is Chakra UI, Material Ui and React Bootstrap....

And now I am.looking to use BumBag☺️, this would be a great one...

Also I have a question for you Emma!

If I use React Bootstrap, materialUi and chakra Ui in same application and deploy the build of the app, does that affect performance?

If that affects the performance what would you level it?
Just rate bettwen 1-10, larger the value more sevearly it affects.

And does it affcets the SEO?


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Emma Goto πŸ™ Author

I think the benefit of a component library is that you get consistent UI across your entire application. If you mix and match different UI libraries, you might end up in a scenario where certain components will look out of place. If the padding, the thickness of borders, the size of fonts are all slightly different across your components, the design of your app overall won't look as coherent.

In terms of SEO, there should be no impact (that I know of!) For performance, you might have to worry about the size of your app getting larger as you use more libraries, which means the page load for your users will take longer, but it's hard to say whether there would be a noticeable or significant difference on a smaller app. I'd recommend checking out Lighthouse to see the app's performance.

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Hemant Joshi 😼


And will have to really worry about the design point you pinned, I never thought in the way of CSS the issue created by importing ui with different paddings and css props😳...

Finally I got a clear answer, I have been asking the same question across mediums but no one mentioned the dis adv with Design ie. Css, which made me use multiple UI, but now I decided to quit the bad practice πŸ€’...