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This page contains different follow me forms such as:

  • a side follow-me with icons
  • a position absolute head follow-me
  • a head follow-me with the same icons again
  • a footer follow-me
  • a position absolute footer follow-me (stage at the same place, no-mater if the text mooves)
  • an inner follow-me (usefull for aticle, to do an ad break in the middle)
  • If You use one of my free option, please, kindly, give-me your feedback on it, in:

  • either the Discord server (
  • or on Dodepen (
  • or even on DEV (
  • If you liked my project, don't hesitate to click on the follow links to follow-me, yes they really work ;-)

    I hope forward to seing you in others of my projects.

    By the way:

  • this project has been created by Henry Letellier (me) (
  • and has had graphical advice by Irina Marchand (
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