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Magento 2 Custom Checkout Fields & Order Attributes Extension

It is sometimes important for Magento 2 store owners to add custom fields to their checkout page in order to collect extra details from customers. These details help them understand the customer's needs and make important business decisions. With the default Magento 2 offering a limited set of standard checkout fields, it is essential to make use of third-party extensions in such a case. These extensions allow adding custom fields of various types to the checkout page along with other features.

There are 4 steps of a typical Magento 2 checkout page. Shipping Address, Shipping Method, Billing Address, and payment step. A store owner may want to add custom fields to any of these steps depending upon their business requirements. An extension which has this feature will greatly benefit them. Another great feature which any custom checkout fields extension should have is dependable fields. This means that custom fields should be displayed if a particular condition is true. For example, if you want to display a specific custom checkout field when a specific product is added to cart. This is useful when you don't want to display a field all the time. Certain other features should be included in an ideal extension to help you make the best use of the custom fields.

For this article's purpose, we will have a look at the Magento 2 custom checkout fields extension from FMEextensions. This is a widely used and highly useful extension packed with features mentioned above with several others. It is also simple to use, easy to install, comes with 45 days money back & free support and lifetime upgrades. The fact that it is listed on the Magento marketplace proves that it has been developed with Magento coding standards. This extension is a great way to add custom checkout & order related fields. Let's list some key features of the extension.

  • Supports 10 types of custom fields for the checkout page (text field, text area, text editor, checkbox, radio button, dropdown, Date, Yes/No, multi-select)
  • Supports input validation for Email, URL, Date, Integer number, Decimal number, etc.
  • The fields can be displayed in Email & PDF invoices.
  • Supports dependable fields
  • Fields can be added to any checkout step
  • Admins can also sort the order of the fields
  • Allows adding a tooltip with every custom field
  • Custom fields data is also displayed in order detail page
  • Restrict the fields by customer groups & store views

Check Demos:

Frontend Demo

Backend Demo

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