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Magento 2 Product Attachments Extension

Magento 2 product attachments extension by FME allows you to enrich your product & CMS pages by attaching supporting files. It enables you to attach multiple file types such as PDF, PPT, Docs etc. for customers to download. These files can be user guides, tutorials, video links and other informative materials which contribute to increased product knowledge of the customers. It also lets you create a separate 'File Download' page to list all the uploaded files.

Extension for Magento 2 product attachments allows you to display attractive file icons. You can set a download limit. In order to download a file, customers must be signed in. You can restrict uploaded files to specific customer group and store views.

Feature Highlights of Magento 2 File Upload Extension

Following are some features of Magento 2 file upload extension.

  • Upload PDF & other unlimited file types
  • Create separate 'File Download' page
  • Display attractive file icons
  • Restrict files by customer groups & store view
  • Set a download limit
  • Login before download

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