Notes on algorithms

Emilie Gervais on January 10, 2020

I'm doing CS50: Introduction to Computer Science on edx.org. I find it's a great way to review what I learn by completing, rewriting and sharin... [Read Full]
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I enjoyed the video immensely, by the way!

You may also consider looking into two more, both of which are among the fastest known sorting algorithms in existence.

  • Dual-Pivot Quick Sort (Yaroslavisky, Vladamir)
  • Timsort (Peters, Tim)

Thank you, I'll look into them! 😊👍


It's encouraging to see you summarize what learn from courses, at the same time others can learn from you as well. Keep doing it 👍🏻


To prevent integer overflow for large numbers which could end up being too big to fit the integer's storage space.


Aha, I see
So we get the difference first and divide it by 2 then add it to the start.
instead of adding the start and the end.
But why we didn't do the same with the js example ?!

To highlight both possibilities? You don't always have to worry about overflow; When you do, it's nice to know there's a simple solution. These are just notes.

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