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Performance, stress, volume, and stability testing?

akh profile image Alex K. ・1 min read

Performance, stress, volume, and stability testing help to detect and fix bottlenecks in the application before they become a huge problem. But when or why should you run these specific types of testing?

=> Performance testing. The main goal here is to define the application scalability under the load. Thus, the following activities should be conducted:

  • Measure the time spent on the selected process's execution.
  • Define the number of users that work with the application.
  • Define the limits of acceptable performance during the load.
  • Analyze the system performance under the high, limited, and stress load.

=> Stress testing is deliberate, intense testing under extreme, unfavorable conditions, aimed to check the application and system working ability in stress situations and then evaluate its regeneration process.

=> Volume testing presupposes the performance evaluation with a large amount of information in the application database.

=> Stability testing is used to test application reliability during a long period with a medium load. It is critical not to have any memory leaks, server restarts, or any other problems that can influence the application stability.

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