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re: This is interesting! How does a "culture-fit" interview usually go? What kind of questions and topic would one expect?

Hmm... I can only speak for myself and from my experiences. Most of the companies that I apply to are small companies with a team of 10-20 people, and some of these companies would have a planned half-day "interview". In a sense, you can call it a very informal technical discussion. You'd spend the day with different people talking about whatever you feel like, this can range between "What have you been up to?" to "Oh, what do you think about -Insert Latest Technology-?" to "What's your favorite food?". It's meant to be a more relaxed environment and while others may frown upon it since these kinds of interview is irrelevant in gauging a person's ability whatsoever, I enjoy it because I actually want to build meaningful connections with my future coworkers if I'm going to spend majority of my time with them.

Sometimes work isn't fun, but at least I want to be around pleasant people that I enjoy working with.

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