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DNN Summit 2022 Content Bounty Results

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As you may or may not have realized, we at Upendo Ventures put up a content bounty last month. We challenged the community to do two things...

First, create new content to help promote content related to DNN and DNN Summit. Second, we wanted all of you to spread the word to the rest of the community to help generate the content, but also simply to just spread the good word that is DNN. Here are the results of that bounty.

DNN Content Bounty Challenge Results

As you saw above, this post is all about paying it forward. We put out a bounty to see more DNN content out there. We paid attention the best we could and cataloged what we saw.

First, thank you to the following people and posts that participated in this challenge.

And, of course, our original post announcing this challenge.

DNN Summit 2022 and a DNN Content Bounty for YOU!

Per our challenge, we were offering to donate $25 for each blog post about DNN, and $50 for each post that is about DNN Summit. A qualifying element of the challenge was to help individuals/companies also get credit for their work via a cross-post from another location - presumably their own personal and/or their company blog.

After reviewing the entries, we found that there is only $25 fully qualified to donate, but $50 if we ignored the cross-posting requirement. That's just not enough to donate. We were hoping that you all would make us nervous about our open challenge to the community. That sadly did not happen.

Why Not More Blog Articles?

Why didn't that happen? Our best guess in looking at all of the details and analytics is this... People that did happen to see the blog post didn't tell anyone about it. That's it. It's nothing more complicated than that.

At this time, we're not only going to qualify both blog posts, but we're going to double it. Yep. Double it. Tis' the season, as "they" say...

DNN Community Kiva Team

Overall, the 60 members of the Kiva DNN Community team has donated over $35,000 (and re-donated) to entrepreneurs in less fortunate parts of the world so far. Just check the stats below!

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Today's Kiva Donation

Today, we donated more than $250 to women building a farm, a bakery, and a restaurant in American Samoa, in addition to the other loans we already have out there. This was thanks to you.

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Why American Samoa? If you didn't already know, my family is from Guam and I have Samoan friends. I know all too well the struggles this place has due to its location, economy, and lack of support and representation from the American government as a territory. These hard-working islander people are all but ignored and could benefit from every single penny they receive.


Nope. This part is not about In-N-Out, but I wish it was...

What we didn't know about until today, is that our loan is going to have double the already doubled impact. The eBay Foundation is matching donations today. WOW! Every once in a while, procrastination pays off!

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Again, thank you for all of your ongoing support to help raise all ships in our time of rising tides. Our community was built on and continues to thrive on the abundance mentality. Personally, I hope this remains true for many years to come.

Your Turn: Donate Something Yourself

If you'd like to know more about our donations today, please visit the ladies below at their respective donation pages. They're all pre-vetted loans by the South Pacific Business Development (SPBD) organization.

(Just click on each of the images below...)

DNN Community on Kiva: Support Auro in American Samoa

DNN Community on Kiva: Support Fetinai in American Samoa

DNN Community on Kiva: Support Sarona in American Samoa

Now, we hope one of you outdoes us and maybe doubles our loans.

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This blog article is cross-posted from my personal DNN blog website.

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